ISBN-10: 0-7803-3633-4/96 1996 IEEE

V IEEE International Power Electronics Congress, Cuernavaca, Mexico, October 14-17, 1996: Technical Proceedings : CIEP 96




Cracow University of Technology, Department of Electrical Eng.

31-155 Cracow, Warszawska 24, Poland



Warsaw University of Technology, Institute of Electrical Machines

00-661 Warsaw, Plac Politechnik1, Poland



The paper presents the problem of disturbances caused by the converters of electric traction vehicles with D.C. motors. Although these type of rolling stock have been used since seventies, the problem is still vital, especially in the countries without experience with modem electric traction. When a project to introduce new types of rolling stock in a suburban railway or underground line introductory is carried out, analyses have to be done in order to estimate the electromagnetic disturbances which could be caused by the vehicles' converters, especially when the existing signalling and control system is of old type.


Three types of rolling stock with DC motors and choppers are analyzed in the paper- two multiple traction units supplied by a 3 kV DC traction system and the underground unit used in Mexico City. Specialized software for the simulation of the power electronic and electrical machines PC-NAP have been used for simulation experiments. In order to take into account the interaction between the supply network and the traction vehicles a complex model of the system which includes: power utility system, DC traction substation 6-and 12-pulse rectifiers, output DC substation filter, traction contact line, vehicle input filters, power electronic converters has been worked out.
The results of simulations axe discussed to compare with standards for designed signalling and safety systems.




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