Met2007 plakat m

" Reducing of the wire wear out of high speed contact line throughout the changes in the construction of the pantographs and contact lines"




Tadeusz Maciołek - Warsaw University of Technology, Institute of Electrical Machines


Increase of the speed of the electric trains requires changes in the construction of the catenary as well as in pantographs. At the same time increase of the reliability of the operating of the supply system which consist of pantograph and contact line is expected. It is associated with the enlargement of the durability of the
contact line by improvement of its co-operation with pantograph and with the reduction of wear out of catenary wire. Directions of the development of the construction of the contact line and pantographs have been presented so as to fulfill the expectations. Also, new solution for the slider which destination is to reduce usage of the operating contact line and to enlarge the rapidity of the proper collection of current from contact line has been proposed.

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